Go Green

  1. Practice the 3Rs - REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
  2. Be a member of at least 1 public service society of your interest.
  3. Learn how to make your own EM mudballs. Just Google: How to make EM mudballs - There are a few videos on it. Easy & Cheap
  4. Organize or participate in throwing mud balls into our drains, rivers, swamps, beaches, etc We actually can have clean waters.
  5. Support  "Green" products. It maybe a little expensive but remember the higher the demand, the lower it will cost.
  6. Consider getting into a Green job or business.
  7. Consider solar whenever possible. Solar Air Conditions. It is already available. Please google it. 
  8. Install a solar water heater if it's within your means.
  9. Get into gardening. If you already love it, inspire someone else.
  10. Take  your own reusable bags to the super markets.
  11. If a sales attendant gives you a plastic bag for only a few items which you can carry, return the plastic bag and say "Save The World". You are sure to get a smile and please remind them to ask  a customer first if they need one or not.
  12. When buying a car, consider a hybrid. Most of the Rich and Famous in the US own one. it's in fashion. 
  13. Dont fax, email instead. Please!!!
  14. Carry a Pen Drive
  15. Print documents only when necessary. Please
  16. Dont take any pamphlets from promoters in complexes if you not interested in the product.
  17. Avoid buying mineral water. Its as expensive as petrol. one time use only. Carry your own water  cannister.
  18. Get a dispenser with 20 litre water canisters and  reusable plastic cups for events & parties.                                Imagine: 1000 people = 1000mineral bottles
  19. Get a good water filter in  your office or home. 
  20. Plant some trees in your neighbourhood.
  21. More to come.........
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