Sponsor Project with: CASH, KIND, SERVICE or TIME

These are the following categories of sponsorships & services that we are looking for: 

  1. Mud balls - To be thrown into the sea to promote growth of sea life. 
  2. Divers: To clean the beach front of rubbish. 
  3. Man Power
  4. Motorcycles: Easy mobility at the beach.
  5. Bicycles: Easy mobility at the beach and for a good workout
  6. 5 gallons bottled water - We plan to refill water containers and not use "mineral bottles"-Bad for the environment.
  7. T shirts- Each  volunteer to get one .
  8. Caps - Each volunteer  to get one- Protection from harmful uv rays.
  9. Umbrellas - Each volunteer to get one- Protection from harmful uv rays.
  10. Sun Block lotion: Each volunteer to get one- Protection from harmful uv rays 
  11. Gloves  - Each volunteer to get a pair- To make collection of rubbish a hygienic process.
  12. Canopies, Tables, Chairs, Fans, Lights: For booths, etc
  13. Caterers: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for 2 days: We planned to give all volunteers, all meals.
  14. Stage, Electricity :
  15. Laser Light Show : Sponsored by Revival Productions Sdn Bhd
  16. Sound System: For mass communication and to cater for the 2 day entertainment needs.
  17. Stage Lightings: For entertainment at night.
  18. Sky Trackers: Visual awareness at night.
  19. Karaoke System: For crowd participation & interaction.
  20. Video Projectors - 10000 lumens: For messaging and visuals at night.
  21. Deejays: To play great music and announcements through out the day. 
  22. Emcees: To host the show at different times through out the day.
  23. Entertainers & Live Bands:  for the 2 days.
  24. Prizes for Lucky Draw : For the lucky volunteers. 
  25. Any item for the goody bag that each volunteer receives
  26. Or anything else that would help  make PROJECT REVIVE a bigger success.

So if its within your means  to contribute  or sponsor any of the above items, Malaysia thanks you.

If you or your company would like to participate in our projects as sponsors, please fill this form and we will get back to you.